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Don't hesitate to visit Voskopoja. We promisse you will enjoy it !!!

Private Villas

Besides hotel rooms,  at Hotel Akademia you have the opportunity to book and accommodate in small wooden villas situated in the middle of greeny, fresh forest.

Enjoy the relaxing nature

At Hotel Akamdemia you can relax outside the stress and noises of City Life. The Hotel is situated close to the woods of Voskopoja which fill your lungs with fresh clean air.

Enjoy Mountain Activities

Staying at Hotel Akademia gives you the possibility to benefit from many activites like horse riding, alpinism, hiking etc..

Wooden Villas Nga Nata

Wooden houses with double or twin beds.

Shiko Dhomat

Hotel Nga Nata

In addition to the wooden villas, Hotel Akademia gives you the opportunity to accommodate in the hotel rooms. The hotel has single rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms and quadruple rooms.

Shiko Dhomat

Wooden Villas for Families Nga Nata

The family houses have an anteroom and a bedroom with a double bed. Children can be accommodated in the anterooms.

Shiko Dhomat

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What can you enyoy at Hotel Akademia?

    Enjoy Traditional Couscine

    At Hotel Akademia you will enjoy traditional and mediteranian cuisine. Our staff does its best so our guests can fully enjoy their stay at our hotel. I am sure you will enjoy our services too.

    Horse Riding

    At Hotel Akademia you can enjoy horse riding in the clear air. Horse ridings should be booked at least 30 minutes before planing to go for the ride. Horse riding in the middle of the woods will give you a sense of unprecedented freedom.


    If you fancy a long walk in the middle of dense woods filled with flowers, Voskopoja is the right choice for you. Visit our hotel and enyoy your free time by going for long walks in the woods.


    Voskopoja is a medieval habitat dating in the early 1330-s. Voskopoja reached its peak at 1764 when it had a population of around 30,000. During that period Voskopoja had 25 churces with unique design, and some of those churces you can still visit.


    Hotel Akademia gives you the possibility to organise your wedding at our premises. For the most important day of your life, you just take care of inviting the guest, we will take care of everything else. We promisse a wedding no one will forget.

    Curative Effects

    Voskopojas clean air has proven to relieve the systems of people with respiratory tract problems. If you are suffering from asthma or alergies from dust, come and visit our premises. After only two days of stay our customers have not had to use their

Hotel Academia, former pioneers camp built in the 50s is situated about 1000m northwest of Voskopoja. Between evergreen and fresh air, this camp has received and acomodated thousands of children and adults from all over Albania.

After restoration between 2000-2004 Hotel Akademia has a capacity of 13 wooden villas and 16 hotel rooms, a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional cuisine and stuningly beautiful nature.

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General Facilities

  • Free Wifi
  • Loundry service
  • Rooms for 4-5 people
  • Restaurant
  • Free Parking
  • Breakfast Included in the booking

"About Voskopoja"

Voskopoja is an early medieval settlement dating back to 1330. Voskopoja's greatest flowering was in 1764, when its population reached about 30,000 inhabitants. In that period there were 25 churches with frescoes, while no more than eight churches have left. There was the Academy, the Library, the Printing House, the developed handicraft and textile. It served as a connecting bridge not only within the country but also between the neighboring countries of Greece and Turkey. The goods that were produced in Voskopoja were famous and sometimes they were distinguished by an eagle carved on them. Voskopja was destroyed by several fires. The first devastation was in 1769, the second in 1789 and the third in 1916. A part of the Voskopoja’s merchants settled in Korca and Berat while most left for Thessaly, Austria, the Kingdom of Hungary as well as in Transylvania. The city began to recover during the 19th century, but was finally destroyed in 1916, during the First World War. Since then, Moskopoli, or Voskopoja as it is called today, was transformed into a small village. However, the traces of the remaining constructions and the beautiful nature of this place make it attractive to thousands of visitors every year. Today in Voskopoja there are five large basilicas, a monastery, several churches, two bridges, some fragments of the main streets of the city and hundreds of square meters of wall paintings that give visitors the opportunity to create the image of the former grandeur.